Metalocalypse | Complete Season One [iPod-Ready]

Here is Metalocalypse, Season One. These episodes are converted from TV airings, they aren't DVD rips. If you need better quality, I suggest purchasing it, ya cheapskate. Season Two coming up soon. Season Three airs October 8th! Also, The Dethalbum II will be released September 29th.

Season One
1x01 Curse of Dethklok
1x02 Dethwater
1x03 Birthdayface
1x04 Dethtroll
1x05 Murder Outside the Box
1x06 Dethkomedy
1x07 Dethfam
1x08 Performance Klok
1x09 Snakes `n' Barrels
1x10 Mordland
1x11 FatKlok
1x12 Skwisklok
1x13 Go Forth and Die
1x14 Bluesklok
1x15 Dethkids
1x16 Religionklok
1x17 Dethclown
1x18 Girlfriendklok
1x19 Dethstars
1x20 The Metalocalypse Has Begun

Download Season One [iPod-Ready]
Part One [1.1-10], Part Two [1.11-20]


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