Moral Orel, Music From & Inspired By

x100. MO Opening
x102. Burn In Heaven - Multiple Godgasm
x102. Think With Your Heart - Crucifolks
x105. Other People's Tongues - Dan Emery Mystery Band
x108. Sad Song - Mark Rivers
x203. Saturday - IO Perry
x210. Head & Heart - Tom Bell
x215. You - Peter Blood
x301. No Children - The Mountain Goats
x302. Airetaina - Regan, High Priestess
x302. Interrogated - Regan, High Priestess
x306. Failsafe - The Choir Practice
x307. Old College Try - The Mountain Goats
x308. Love Love Love - The Mountain Goats
x309. Closeface - Britta Phillips
x311. Bottomless Pit - Savoy
x313. Valentine - IO Perry

x000. Follow Jesus - Dino Stamatopolous
x000. Interludes 1, 2, and 3
x000. Closeface (acoustic) - Britta Phillips

There's no official soundtrack out but I've compiled a majority of the songs played on Moral Orel. I know how much it sucks hunting these individual tracks down. Fans of the show, help me get those last stricken out tracks. Oh, and if someone notices anything that's missing, lemme know. I realize "I Hate You Jesus" and "Turn The Other Cheek" aren't there also. Dunno why not..

Download Moral Orel, Music From & Inspired By Soundtrack

Moral Orel Complete Series [ToRRenT]


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